The best Persian art rugs in the world

Best Persian Art Rugs

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The art of persian carpet weaving

One of the oldest and most significant form of artistic expression

Persian rugs are among the most prized possessions in any home. From interiors to outdoor spaces and patios, you can breathe life and history into your space with these beautiful works of art. They are famous for their elaborate designs, ranging from floral and geometric motifs to depictions of animals, people, and other objects.
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Tappeti persiani in arte moderna

Tappeti persiani unici disegnati dai nostri artisti

Possiedi un opera d'arte contemporanea unica al mondo, disegnata per te dai nostri artisti di fama internazionale.
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Il tappeto del mese

Qoum Silk Persian Rug

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The best art persian rugs

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